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I don’t know, writing 500 words feels great. I have recently been obsessed with something that took over my life and writing really helps. At least I could keep my priorities straight. 

Today, I wrote 1100 words rather than my usual 500 :)


Saber fly funny gif



Anon is right u know!

You’ve just said you’re right. How impudent!


More info on Act II, source here.

We shall peruse a new story of Mega evolution… where the setting moves from the Kalos Region to the Houen Region

Alan continues his journey to master Mega Evolution and stand on the top as the strongest. Waiting for him in the Houen Region are new mega evolved Pokémon as well as Houen’s strongest Trainer, Champion Daigo. 

A fierce mega evolution battle against Daigo awaits.

During the battle, a mysterious man suddenly appears.

Also, legendary megaliths lay hidden in Houen.

As all the keys align, the mystery of Mega Evolution gradually unravels. And when those roots are touched upon, the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza descends from the distant sky. All is ready for a fierce battle that will shake the Houen Region to the core.

So yeah, sounds like some intense shit is going to happen in good ol Hoenn, very interested to see how this plays out.

"Holy shit this is great." "Oh great, more promotion." I have two reactions to this lol

You got the word homophobia wrong. Homophobia means you hate gay people. I don't hate gay, I just hate what they do. For example, I like Harley from Pokemon, but I hate how he is gay. Pikachu shouldn't be gay because he is a role model pet for kids, it would be bad influence. Sorry it took me a day to say this.

Let me tell you how it works. You just said that Pikachu shouldn’t be gay because it was a role model. In other words, you are viewing it as something wrong. I suppose that explains my interpretation.

Sorry I made it a joke. I just don’t like serious discussions on these topics. I have enough tension IRL


So if Saber is King Arthur, How did the whole Guinivere/Lancelot thing work out? I mean I know Lancelot was super pissed off and with good reason, but I mean in terms of romance. Guinivere and Arthur had a romance either before or after Lancelot in IRL tales someone fill me in I seriously need to know

I am not sure what you mean but….

She married Guinevere, but it was only out of obligation to have a wife. The truth was that Lancelot, one of Altria’s closest friends, and Guinevere loved each other, and due to Altria having concealed her gender, Guinevere had to carry the burden of this her entire life. Guinevere felt guilt for her actions, but felt relief that it was Lancelot who had fallen in love with her. He, who shared the same ideals as the king, would share the burden with her and not cause the country to fall into a dangerous situation. He did so, supporting Guinevere and the King from the dark on his unrighteous path.

From the wiki.


Due to the problem of being able to produce an heir, Merlin used magecraft to turn her into a pseudo-male capable of producing sperm for an unknown duration of time.[8] During this period, she was enchanted by her sister, Morgan le Fay, who took some of Altria’s sperm, developed it within her own ovaries, and gave birth to thehomunculus and complete clone of Altria, Mordred. She was born and raised without Altria’s knowledge, quickly growing up due to her accelerated aging, and she managed to join the Round Table through her own efforts andMorgan's recommendation. She worshipped her king while hiding her identity, and she was ecstatic to learn of her heritage.

I am working too much at work and after work (writing 500 days of random fanfic per day to make sure I don’t have a writer’s block). 

I love writing tho, it doesn’t feel like a job but I can’t help but try to be detached from conversations.






Still debating watching the XY Anime, BUT I know that if I do, I’m gonna end up shipping Serena and Clemont.

And if anyone asks, “Aren’t you going to ship Serena and Ash?”

I’ll say, “No. I am going to SIT HERE and wait for Ash to kiss Misty.”

I don’t care how long it’s been….

You guys, we’re just In the middle of a shipping war right now….

Well, I’ve kind of decided that I’m not going to be watching the XY Anime


what do you mean there’s a shipping war what happened between my otp, not-ship, and almost ship??? (pokeshipping, amourshipping, and geekchicshipping, respectively)

Baasiclly, AAML, and AASL are at a major war with eachother for dominance over the Fandom. The war is everywhere…the Tumblr frount, the FanFiction frount (I am currently fighting here), and the internet-wide forum wars. The Amourshippers are quite strong, but the Pokeshippers are holding strong. thanks to our friends here on Tumblr, and our allies in other ships (Ikarishippers, Contestshippers, GeekChicShippers, Wishfulshippers), the war is long and hard. God knows what will be the outcome. Join our cause! Pokeshippers, UNITE!

So this was the first footage from the shipping war of AAML and AASL?

Can I be the Jiraiya sensei who tries to eliminate war and supports peace but is killed in a battle?


dexaffectus replied to your post: anonymous said:STOP MAKING ASH LO…

((obviously ash looks more like vegeta duh))


What kind of monster have you created

Goddawnit, that fanart is good.

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